Join us for a driving trip and an unforgettable night under the stars in Mersing, Johor, a prime location for capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Milky Way.

This trip is perfect for both beginners and experienced photographers who want to enhance their astrophotography skills.

Don’t miss this chance to capture the majestic Milky Way in one of Malaysia’s best stargazing locations.

What you can expect from this trip:

    • Tips and techniques for capturing stunning Milky Way shots.
    • Hands-on guide with your camera settings, composition and post-processing.
    • Opportunity to connect with fellow photography enthusiasts.

What you need to prepare for this trip:

    • Handphone camera; or
    • DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings;
    • Wide-angle lens with a low aperture (f/2.8 or lower is ideal)
    • Sturdy tripod and remote shutter release or intervalometer.

ITG EXCO members, Allen Lee, Lo Khin Marn, and Peter Goh will be there to guide you through the hands-on session.


ALL participants MUST register by 27 May 2024
to facilitate the logistical requirement for this event.


Allen Lee

Allen Lee is Managing Director of Genesis Networks Pte Ltd, an organization of 19 years, that provides end- to-end IT solutions, and running their own data center, providing DR, Hybrid Cloud solution.

Apart from running his own company, Allen is an avid photographer. With his vast photography experiences, he will provide tips and guide you on how to capture beautiful Milky Way photos.

Lo Khin Marn is a photo enthusiast. He is keen to capture the vast expanse of space that is unseen in Singapore.

On this trip beyond the usual cityscape, he is delighted to be able to experience the wonders of the universe through his lens and to share the moments with other fellow enthusiasts. He hopes to share his personal insights on the techniques to capture an encounter worthy of a lifetime with like-minded individuals.

Peter Goh is a dedicated amateur photographer with a keen interest in capturing the beauty of the night sky. As he embarks on his first adventure to photograph the Milky Way, he is eager to learn and master the art of night shooting.

With his camera in hand and a sense of wonder, he is ready to explore the celestial wonders and bring the magic of the starts to life through his lens. Join him in this exciting journey as he delves into astrophotography and shares his experiences and tips for fellow night sky photography enthusiasts!


ALL participants MUST register by 27 May 2024
to facilitate the logistical requirement for this event.


ITG Members :: SGD239.80
SIM Society Members/Partners :: SGD272.50
SIM Students/Alumni :: SGD305.20
Non-Members :: SGD327.00


All fees NOT inclusive of meals.
All fees are inclusive of transport (car pooling).
All fees are inclusive of hotel accommodation.
All fees are inclusive of GST.

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