SIM ITG wishes everyone, especially our ITG members, a very Happy New and Wonderful 2018.

In 2017, we organized events that were in tune with the current trend.  With the rise of the use of mobile devices, particularly the younger generation, we saw the need to bridge the gap between parents and their children.  We invited Dr Michelle Yeo, who has researched and published a book on ‘Smart Skills with the Smartphone Generation’, to share with us some tips and techniques to foster and maintain the good parent/child relationships in this Smartphone Generation.

In recent years, with the advancement of technology and mobile devices, Virtual Reality instead of remaining “Virtual”, has become a “Reality”!  More people are fascinated with what Virtual Reality can do and how it can help us.  We contacted Mr T K Ng, who is the founder of SideFX Asia Pacific, to visit his SideFX Studios.  During the visit, participants experienced various Virtual Reality applications in SideFX Studios.  Mr Ng also gave a high-level overview of Virtual Reality and its related technologies.  What the participants enjoyed most was the hands-on experience with Virtual Reality.  In addition, they were immersed in use-case scenarios, experiencing the benefits Virtual Reality could bring to the different industries.

The only natural resource in Singapore is Human Capital.  With the advent of the Internet and Mobile devices, traditional ways of networking, recruitment and head-hunting has been disrupted.  Now, employers and job seekers can be linked up in just a matter of minutes, if not seconds.  LinkedIn is a social media platform, bringing human capital under the same umbrella, allowing them to network digitally.  Looking at this, ITG organized a trip to LinkedIn Asia Pacific.  Mr Alwin from LinkedIn shared with us more about its services, how to tap on LinkedIn to connect, find jobs and get trained.  Most importantly, he shared tips on how to build up your personal profile in LinkedIn.  The participants toured of the two-story LinkedIn office, which was an eye-opener to them. They experienced the fun working environment and amenities such as a gym that staff can use at any time of the day.

Every year, ITG will participate in the Singapore Management Festival.  This year, to allow more people to be able to experience Virtual Reality, we invited SideFX Asia Pacific to showcase and demonstrate the industrial usage of Virtual Reality.  Participants were able to get a hands-on experience to understand better.  During the Singapore Management Festival, we encouraged many participants to join ITG Interest Group and we were glad that we had many new members joining.  We were very excited and definitely would commit ourselves to organizing more interesting activities for our members.

2017 had came to a close.  We look into the past to gain experience so that we can improve the present, slowly crafting out the future.  ITG is committed to bring more value to our members and we hope more people can join ITG Interest Group, as a big family.

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Image Credit: titonz/123RF Stock Photo