ITG – SIM Society wishes everyone, especially our ITG members, a very Happy New and Wonderful 2024.

As we slowly move past the COVID pandemic, we had been slowly gaining strength and momentum in organizing face-to-face events. For the past half year in 2023, ITG organized 3 events and were very grateful to have the support of our members and non-members, who shared that they would like more of such topics as they were left wanting for more after theses sessions.

  • June 2023: Cyber Security
  • October 2023: ChatGPT-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Generative AI
  • November 2023: Sharing Session on Photography Tour & Landscape Photography

As we slowly put the COVID pandemic behind us, ITG look forward to organize more workshops, seminars, company visits and hopefully our overseas education trip will materialize in 2024. In addition, we will also create and share more information in our website and YouTube channel. And it is with your support that we would be able to grow stronger, go further. So please sign up our newsletter so that you can be kept updated on what we are up to.

Image Credit: 123RF Free Imagesbharat28