Useful Resources

websites that may be useful to you!


An electronic business directory that enables you to place monthly offers to purchase or for sale if you want to clear or buy products, stock or goods at reduced cost.  The directory search allows you to search products or services, company names and contacts by activities or industry sector.  It is a great site for those who want to build up an emailing list.  It is like having the Yellow Pages of all countries in Europe on your desktop.  The main parts of the site are accessible without registration.


Abstract Fonts
For designers who need a huge selection of free fonts (more than 9,300 different types) like Patchwork, Stingray, and Riddleprint, look no further…..  Just surf to AbstractFonts.  There are so many fonts that you can browse through and the website provides a Top 100 Fonts list that is updated every day!


Chubby Hubby

A lifestyle website created by Aun Koh, Professor Tommy Koh’s son, who is a food lover.  He reviews restaurants he visits around the world, shares recipes and takes gorgeous good pictures!


Digital Photography Review

An impressive website devoted to digital photography and imaging.  The camera database is a great resource if you want to compare and contrast  the specifications of current models in the market.  It reviews and catalogues the latest camera makers’ models and has handy features that will make choosing the camera model most suited to your needs that is much more simple.  The site also features an imaging gallery that shows images that are grouped according to the camera model that took them.


Web Wombat
A search portal from the Aussie perspective!  It has been online since 1994, well before better-known search engines like Alta Vista, Inktomi and Excite.  It gives Australia-specific search results.  It also has non-search content that focuses on media, education, finance, and liftstyle!

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